Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur from Málaga 1970s - Rue Pinard
Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur from Málaga 1970s - Rue Pinard
Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur from Málaga 1970s - Rue Pinard

Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur from Málaga 1970s

Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur from Málaga 1970s

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In the heart of Málaga, a treasure from the 1970s has been meticulously preserved - the Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur. This exquisite spirit, crafted in an era renowned for its distinctive approach to liquor production, embodies the essence of premium Spanish craftsmanship.

The bottle itself is a marvel of design, a true testament to the artistic flair of the 70s. Its unique contours and aesthetic allure speak volumes of the era's creativity, making it not just a vessel for the liqueur but a piece of art in itself.

But what truly sets this vintage Larios Triple Sec apart is its impeccable preservation. Over the decades, it has experienced minimal evaporation, a sign of both quality storage and exceptional sealing. This remarkable state of conservation ensures that the liqueur within remains as tantalizing and aromatic as it was when first sealed.

Whether you're a connoisseur seeking to indulge in a rare, flavorful experience or a collector looking to add a piece of history to your collection, this Larios Triple Sec from Málaga is a choice par excellence. Its blend of history, art, and flavor makes it a coveted item for anyone appreciative of fine spirits and the rich heritage of the vintage wine and liquor world.

At Rue Pinard, we recognize the unique value of such timeless treasures. Our dedication to sourcing and preserving the finest in the world of wine and spirits is reflected in our enthusiasm for exceptional finds like the Larios Triple Sec Orange Liqueur. It's not just a drink; it's a journey through time, a sip of history, and a toast to the enduring legacy of exquisite liquor making.

Brand: Larios
Alcohol %:
Volume L: 0.85
Pack Size: 1x 85cl
Duty Status: No Vat
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