Brokerage Service

Rue Pinard's Exclusive Brokerage Service: Elevate Your Investment

At Rue Pinard, we understand that a fine wine or rare spirit is not just a beverage – it's an experience, an art, and for many, a cherished investment. Our brokerage service is tailored for those who have nurtured an exquisite collection and are considering the sale of their precious vintages.

Why Choose Rue Pinard Brokerage?

Efficient and Profitable Sales: With Rue Pinard's brokerage, your profits are maximized. We will take care of the sale for a full-service fee, including collection, transport and shipping. An example calculation:

  • Sale Price: $1,150
  • 20% Commission: -$230
  • Net Payout: $920
  1. Simple, Secure, and Swift: Our process is straightforward. Contact us at , +1 305 645 7887 or, +31 65 386 1912 with details of your wine. We leverage our extensive expertise to guide you in setting a competitive price, but the final decision is yours.
  2. Expert Handling: Ship your wine to us (in USA of EU) for professional evaluation and secure storage. We provide the necessary packaging materials, ensuring your wine's integrity from cellar to sale.
  3. Global Reach for Optimal Sales: Thanks to our esteemed reputation and global network, including our influential newsletter, we ensure your wine reaches the right buyers quickly and efficiently.
  4. Prompt and Transparent Payment: Post-sale, you receive the sale price minus our commission without delay.
  5. Trust and Transparency: All brokered wines in our shop are clearly marked. We act on behalf of private consignors, maintaining confidentiality and professional integrity throughout.

Experience the Rue Pinard difference in wine brokerage – where your prized collection finds its true value. Reach out to us today and let us transform your wine investments into profitable ventures.

What we broker or buy.

Wine: France — Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Champagne
Italy — Barolo, Barbaresco, Tuscany
Spain — Ribera del Duero, Priorat
Portugal — Port, Madeira
Germany — Riesling
California — Napa
Australia — Various

Spirits: Pappy Van Winkle, Angel's Envy, Black Maple Hill, A.H. Hirsch, Jefferson Presidential, George T Stagg, William LaRue Weller, Eagle Rare 17, Old Forester Birthday, Parker's Heritage, E.H. Taylor, Hibiki Whiskies, Yamazaku Whiskies, Macallan Whiskies, Louis XIII, Hennessy Paradis, Chartreuse, Absinth, Calvados

If you’re ready to sell your wine or spirits, please send as many details as possible to help our experts determine the value of your collection.

Here’s what we need:

  • Vintage
  • Wine name and producer
  • Any vineyard designations that apply.
  • Whether it is a reserve 
  • Any other detail that is relevant to the value of the wine
  • Number of bottles
  • Size (750ml, magnum, double magnum, etc.)
  • Condition of the bottle(s), including fill levels (ullage), label condition, signs of seepage, etc.
  • Storage condition temperature controlled and/or humidity controlled?

In short, any condition that will affect the value of the bottle

Send us your winelist for a valuation

Our experienced expert, with over a decade of experience, will provide you with a free quote within 2 business days.

We provide the best price

No fees or extra charges. We guarantee the best market prices.

You receive your money immediately.

You will receive your desired payment either in cash or through a bank transfer, along with a basement that has been meticulously cleaned.