USA shipping information

Wondering about the delivery process and timings? Typically, it takes 5 working days for your package to arrive, but it can take up to 20 days, when your bottle comes from Europe. We strive for a quicker delivery. You'll receive your UPS or Fedex tracking details as soon as they're available.

You can order up to six bottles in a single order from Presently, we're limited to a six-bottle maximum for shipments to the listed states, but we're actively working to increase this limit.

If your state isn't listed, we apologize for the inconvenience. We're continuously working to expand our shipping locations and will update our site as new states become available for shipping.

For any further queries not addressed here, please feel free to contact us at, follow us on Instagram @ruepinardliquors, send a text to our WhatsApp number +1 305 645 7887, or call us during office hours, which are 9am-5pm EST
We're here to help!

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship to my state?
We can ship to all states except AL, DE, ME, MI, MS, MT, SD, and UT.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is as follows:

Tariff Name Condition Price
FedEx 2Day® 0kg–2.4kg $99.00 USD
FedEx 2Day® 2.5kg–4.8kg $119.00 USD
FedEx 2Day® 4.9kg–6.4kg $199.00 USD
FedEx 2Day® 6.5kg and above $299.00 USD
FedEx Ground® 0kg–2.4kg $35.00 USD
FedEx Ground® 2.5kg–6.8kg $75.00 USD
FedEx Ground® 6.9kg and above $149.00 USD
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Please note that FedEx 2Day® is recommended for standard order processing. Please contact us in advance for rush orders.

Can I get same-day delivery?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer same-day delivery at this time.

How do you handle deliveries in extreme temperatures?
When weather conditions are too hot or too cold to ship wine safely, your order may be held in our warehouse.

What is a weather hold?
When weather conditions are too hot or too cold to ship wine safely, your order may be held in our warehouse.

Do I have to be present to sign for my wine?
Since alcohol is a controlled substance, an adult 21 or over needs to sign for it.

What happens if I’m not home?
FedEx will make three delivery attempts before returning the package to our warehouse. If you’re concerned you won’t be home, consider having it delivered to your work location.

My package was lost/damaged. Now what?
Oh no! Please contact us to figure out next steps.