Pinnacle of Scotland

Macallan 1949

The 1949 Macallan bottled by Signatory is more than just a whisky; it is a piece of history, a testament to the artistry of distillation and maturation. It stands as a prized possession for those fortunate enough to experience its refined elegance and historical significance.
Survivor of a Historical Voyage

1795 Black Seal Madeira

Embrace a rare opportunity to own a piece of history. The 1795 Black Seal Madeira, surviving the French Revolution, a pirate assault, and an international dispute, is an extraordinary testament to the trials and tribulations of an epic journey.
From Café Anglais in Paris

1788 Cognac Clos de Griffier

The restaurant café Anglais opened in 1802 and was named to honor the Treaty of Amiens, a peace accord signed between Britain and France.