Macallan 1949 Signatory Vintage Highland Single Malt Scotch, Aged 40 Years, Bottled 1990, Casks 852 & 855
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Macallan 1949 Signatory Vintage Highland Single Malt Scotch, Aged 40 Years, Bottled 1990, Casks 852 & 855

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The 1949 Macallan Bottled by Signatory is a highly esteemed single malt Scotch whisky, capturing a unique period in the storied history of The Macallan distillery. Distilled in 1949 and carefully bottled by Signatory Vintage, an independent bottler known for its exceptional cask selections, this expression represents a significant and rare offering.

Key Highlights:

  1. Distillation and Bottling:
    Distilled in 1949 at The Macallan distillery, this whisky spent decades maturing in oak casks before being bottled by Signatory in the early 1990s. This extensive aging period allowed the whisky to develop complex flavors and aromas, creating a truly distinguished profile.

  2. Cask Influence and Maturation:
    The prolonged maturation in oak casks has imparted rich layers of flavor to the 1949 Macallan. Expect deep notes of dried fruits, sherry, dark chocolate, and a hint of oak spice, characteristic of long-aged Macallan whiskies. The interaction between the spirit and the wood over such a long period contributes to its smooth and elegant finish.

  3. Tasting Notes:
    On the nose, the 1949 Macallan offers an enticing bouquet of rich sherry, dried apricots, and subtle floral hints. The palate reveals a harmonious balance of dark chocolate, raisins, and a touch of honey, complemented by a gentle smokiness. The finish is long and luxurious, with lingering notes of oak and dried fruit.

  4. Collector's Value:
    Given its age and the reputation of both The Macallan and Signatory, this 1949 vintage is a coveted item among collectors and whisky enthusiasts. Its rarity, combined with the independent bottling by Signatory, enhances its desirability and investment potential.

  5. Presentation:
    Bottled at cask strength, the 1949 Macallan by Signatory retains its original potency and authenticity. It is presented in a classic bottle, often accompanied by detailed labeling that provides information about its distillation and bottling history.

Historical Context:

  • Post-War Era: Distilled in the aftermath of World War II, this whisky reflects a period when Scotch whisky production was recovering and evolving. The techniques and conditions of the time are captured in the unique character of this vintage.
  • Signatory's Role: As one of the leading independent bottlers, Signatory Vintage is known for selecting and bottling distinctive and high-quality casks from renowned distilleries, offering a different perspective on well-known spirits like The Macallan.

The 1949 Macallan bottled by Signatory is more than just a whisky; it is a piece of history, a testament to the artistry of distillation and maturation. It stands as a prized possession for those fortunate enough to experience its refined elegance and historical significance.

Brand: Macallan
Vintage: 1949
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