Old Hickory 20 Years Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1950s - Rue Pinard
Old Hickory 20 Years Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1950s - Rue Pinard
Old Hickory 20 Years Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1950s - Rue Pinard

20 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Discover the lost treasure of American whiskey in the Old Hickory 20-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a name that evokes the spirit of a bygone era. This exquisite bourbon pays homage to President Andrew Jackson, nicknamed "Old Hickory" for his indomitable spirit and steadfastness during the War of 1812, qualities that are mirrored in the endurance of this storied brand.

Produced by the Philadelphia-based Continental Distilling Corporation, part of the Publicker Industries, Old Hickory was more than just a whiskey; it was a testament to the robust industrial and distilling heritage of the mid-20th century. Although the brand faded into obscurity around 1980, it left behind a legacy encapsulated in its most prestigious expression: the Old Hickory 20 Years Old.

Distilled in 1954 at the Kinsey Distillery, under the operation of Publicker—a company known as much for its industrial chemicals as its spirited libations—this bourbon matured gracefully through two decades. Bottled in 1974, specifically for the discerning palates of the Italian market, this Old Hickory vintage captures the essence of its time, both in the richness of its flavor and the depth of its character.

The journey of the Old Hickory 20-year-old did not stop at American shores. Entrusted to IMPORT HOUSE S.p.A. in Milano, this bourbon bridged continents, symbolizing a union of American whiskey-making tradition with European taste. Its maturation period, stretching from 1954 to 1974, sealed within each bottle a snapshot of history, a period where craftsmanship in distilling was not just an occupation, but an art form.

To hold a bottle of Old Hickory 20-Year-Old is to hold a piece of history. It is a collector's gem and a connoisseur's delight, offering a rare chance to taste and appreciate the legacy of American whiskey-making. Each sip narrates a tale of dedication, heritage, and the timeless allure of a well-aged bourbon. It's not merely a beverage—it's an aromatic journey through time and a tribute to the enduring legacy of 'Old Hickory'.

Category: Bourbon
Brand: Old Hickory
Alcohol %:40
Volume L: 0.75
Pack Size: 1 x 75cl
Duty Status: No Vat
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