Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234

Feb 18, 2024

Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234 emerges as an emblem of unparalleled craftsmanship in the bourbon cosmos. This spirit, fashioned with meticulous attention and dedication, offers an unparalleled savoring journey, captivating the palates of refined bourbon aficionados.

What Distinguishes Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234?
Encased in a 1 Liter vessel by La Maison du Whisky, Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234 weaves narrative rich in the annals of American distillation. Handpicked by La Maison du Whisky in 2017, under the aegis of the Sazerac Company's Single Barrel Select endeavor, it stands as a monument to the intricate ballet of bourbon creation at Buffalo Trace.

The distillery's odyssey commenced in 1812, initiated by Harrison Blanton. It was under Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr.'s vision in 1870 that the distillery experienced a renaissance. Renaming it OFC (Old Fashioned Copper), Taylor propelled the distillery into a modernization fervor, albeit at the cost of his financial stability seven years hence. In 1878, George T. Stagg stepped forward, stewarding the venture through tumultuous times until the late 1890s, and was posthumously honored by having the distillery renamed after him in 1904.

The distillery's saga took a turn when it was embraced by the Schenley company in 1933, heralding a fresh chapter under their stewardship for the ensuing five decades, eventually transitioning to Age International, and then, in a serendipitous twist, to the Sazerac company in 1992, who, in 1999, breathed new life into it as Buffalo Trace.

Renaming the distillery to "Buffalo Trace" signified a bold departure from its historical monikers, a name inspired by an earlier moniker used in the 1990s for bottling Age International brands. Under Elmer T. Lee's sage guidance, a venerated former master distiller, the distillery identified the barrels that would forge its celebrated straight bourbon, heralding its modern era of acclaim.

What Flavors Await You?

Imbibing Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234, you are embraced by a symphony of caramel, vanilla, and oak tones. A delicate interplay of spice and fruit nuances adds layers to its flavor spectrum, crafting a balanced and enduring savor.

How to Best Enjoy Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234?

Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234 flexes its versatility whether savored neat, with ice, or as the cornerstone of a timeless cocktail. Its smooth finale and intricate flavor tapestry render it an exquisite selection for any celebratory moment.

Dive into the exceptional artistry and unmatched essence of Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234. Revel in a draught of this remarkable spirit and treasure the distinctive flavors that elevate it above the ordinary.

 Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon #234 – Rue Pinard

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